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Four simple reasons I landed with Amare

Had a message in my inbox asking why I chose my partnership with the Mental Wellness Co over XYZ company…

First of all, it had to be wellness. I refuse to market to insecurities any longer so that ruled out makeup, anti-aging and beauty. Activewear is not consumable so that’s a hard no. I also didn’t want a “catalogue” company- been there- and it is a different way of marketing that the newbie has a tough time wrapping their head around.

I interviewed and tested products from three major wellness companies.

Four simple reasons I landed with Amare:

1. Niche in mental wellness. When it comes to weight loss, I will only speak to it as a byproduct of healthy choices. The right supplements help you make better choices. Our niche is both brilliant and effective. When people get their mental health on point - it impacts every area of their lives.

2. Above the board in every way. After losing my first business to an FTC battle, a company that operates in full transparency is absolutely essential. There MUST be a clear distinction between customers and marketers. I dug and dug to turn up any dirt I could and there was nothing. No drama. No big leaders coming and going. A settled feeling with all leaders rowing in the same direction.

3. Inclusive culture. I don’t like to mix religion and politics with business. Also been there and saw it cause a lot of hurt. I cannot tell you how freeing this is. To know that anyone I introduce can be themselves. No pretense.

4. Timing. I wanted a company that wasn’t yet a household name but also past the startup phase; a company with about $100 million in sales was my gage. I did a brief stint with a startup and I just don’t have the stomach for it in this season

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