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learn how to


Income From Doing an Activity One Time, and Getting Paid For it Over and Over again.

Network Marketing provides an opportunity to escape the traditional way of creating an income and gives you the ability to earn an income while you are sleeping, or on that dream holiday.



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has a friend ever reached out to you


that has given them incredible results? Or perhaps they have a once in a lifetime, ground floor business opportunity that they are just dying to share with you?


My advice would be to listen! Give them a few minutes of your time to learn more... I did just that, and it changed my life. My only regret? That I didn’t listen sooner.


MLM opportunities are a popular way to earn an income. In fact, the coronavirus pandemic has seen a surge in the number of people turning to network marketing work-from-home opportunities. So let’s dive into the 5 main reasons everyone needs a side hustle and why it might be just the right fit for you.

reason #1 everyone needs a side hustle


If you are like the majority of the world, we’re taught to go to school, earn a degree and work 9-5. The more we work, the more we earn, and of course the less we work, the less we earn. But what happens when you can’t work? If you get sick, or injured, or need to take care of a loved one? What happens if you lose your job? Do you have a backup plan that will pay the bills?


Residual income is generated from doing an activity one time, and getting paid for it over and over again. So think of your favorite music or best selling book? They’ve been created once and now the writers and performers earn royalties whenever someone listens to their song or purchases their book.

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reason #2 everyone needs a side hustle


the work is providing a product or service one time that must be replenished on an ongoing basis, which is often referred to as a consumable product like skincare or a vitamin drink. When you sign up a customer to buy your product, the objective is to sign them up with an account where they are encouraged to buy from you on a regular basis. Each time they stock up on their product, you get paid for it. Likewise, when you sign up a new team member and train them.... they duplicate what you do and you get paid on their orders.  

When THEY start to recruit... well, your residual income begins to grow exponentially. So what happens if you can’t work your business one day? Your residual income keeps on rolling in.

reason #3 everyone needs a side hustle


Have you ever looked into purchasing a franchise? They can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and you fall under the wing and rules of that company's owner. Joining an MLM is often free, or comes with a very minimal start-up cost that most often includes products at a huge discount.

Most MLM companies don’t require monthly quotas or even stock on hand as they are shipping directly to the customer. This is great as it keeps your monthly cost to very little or even zero.

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reason #4 everyone needs. a side hustle


If you are completely obsessed with a product and find yourself using it on a regular basis, it’s often more cost-saving to join the business opportunity than become a customer. 

Even if you never plan to sell the product or build a team, the product discount is often up to 50% off. Some companies even offer free products simply for just joining the opportunity.

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reason #5 everyone needs a side hustle


If you have friends who are in MLMs you probably see them on trips and other events with massive groups of others. The community is often one of people’s favorite aspects of their MLM. You will often hear them refer to their team as their family. That’s because when you join an MLM, you are joining other like-minded individuals with similar goals and dreams. It’s no lie that you will find some of your best friends just by joining the community. This last reason might just be my favorite one.

Black Marble

So there you have it, my 5 reasons why an MLM could change your life and why EVERYONE should be part of one in some way or another.

Hopefully, this breakdown sheds some light on
MLM opportunities so when your friend approaches you next time with her amazing flash sale, you don’t ignore her and pretend her message went to that “other” box on your social media.


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